Imogen melissa

What is your Name/Studio Name

Imogen melissa

Whats your story? How did you start your art?

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a creative house, as my mother is a garden designer. She introduced me to all sorts of different crafts and I soon became quite obsessed with making things! My enjoyment for using my hands and being creative was shown through school, where I chose art based subjects for my GCSEs and my A-Levels. Textiles was always my favourite, I loved working with fabric and embroidery to create a new surface. I completed a Foundation Degree(1 year of education before university) where we had lots of talks by textile designers and artists and I realised that textiles was something I really wanted to pursue as a career. I successfully got into Bath spa to study Textile Design for Fashion or Interiors. I loved my degree and spent all my time working on my textiles, doing crazy things with materials and pushing the limits of embroidery and embellishment. I was so pleased to have graduated with a 1st Class degree, it gave me confidence to find employment in the creative field. It’s been a year since I graduated and I have been working as a freelance embroiderer in both hand and machine embroidery at a couple of great companies. I’ve also been keen to keep my own work going on the side as I love creating and working with all my beads!

What is your favorite part of your craft?

My favourite part of my craft is challenging the traditional thoughts of embroidery and modernising the craft. I love creating something new with embroidery and changing people’s original perceptions of embroidery.

When you hit a wall where do you look for inspiration to get you going again?

I always look back through my previous work. I often make lots of samples when designing a new piece as some ideas get forgotten or left behind in the process. So I find looking back through old samples and work often gives me lots of inspiration and helps me over that creative block!

What has been your biggest obstacle as an artist?

I’ve found there to be two big challenges about being an artist. The art and design field isn’t very well paid and it’s very difficult to find time for your own creativity. I am currently living outside of London in my family home, commuting into London for work during the week. The commute is expensive and tiring but it is cheaper than living in London and has allowed me to save some money. I was working Monday-Friday in London which was great fun but I found it frustrating as I had no time for my own creative work. In the evenings and at the weekends I was exhausted and couldn’t fit time in to work on some samples which I had been imagining and dreaming about making all week. I’ve recently dropped down to a 4 day week working in London, giving me one day a week to work at home on my own embroidery🌟 This has been one of the best things for me & I absolutely love my day at home working on my embroidery! I have been able to afford to do this because I live at home, this would never be possible if I was living in London.

What is your dream project?

I would love to create an exhibition showcasing my embroidery! Showing that embroidery is more than craft and has it’s own place in the art and design world. I’d love to create lots and lots of my coral pieces and display them on plinths filling a room. Creating an immersive experience!

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